Monday, October 18, 2010

From Fashion Friday on Funoldhag

I have posted almost all of my really old family pictures (i.e., my mother and father's families)  here in Pieces of the Past.  I still have lots of our family and some of my childhood, but miss posting the ones in the early part of last century.   On my blog "Funoldhag" I feature a fashion show each Friday and there are pictures there that I am sure have never been on POTP.  The Pearces, my mom's family, took many pictures and I love looking at the old clothing and wondering where they were going and what they were doing.  So I plan to post those pictures here once in a while  and hopefully you will enjoy them.   I start out with my mom and me---------

What the well dressed mother and baby were wearing in 1928. Sitting on the "coping" of the frontyard of a pair of doting grandparents in Peoria, Illinois, were Nan and Carol. Nan is wearing a lovely banded cloche (I think that is what you call that hat) and pointed shoes with a strap. Her dress appears to be a silk or maybe rayon since it has a nice sheen. Carol, born when Nan was 34 and the first of three babies, is dressed in a frilly bonnet and dress with cute little booties. She also appears to be a very healthy, chubby little thing. (Click to enlarge)

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