Thursday, February 11, 2010

Party Time

I think the Pearces really enjoyed having parties. There are several old photos of parties and get togethers showing good sized groups having a good time together. The first girl in the front row is Nan, my mother, with her hands held in prayer and echoed by the girl sitting next to her. What do you suppose they were praying for? The girl on the end is the pretty girl who is in many of the pictures. I feel she was a good friend of my mother. Nelle, Nan's older sister, is in the light dress in the second row. She has written on the picture (Nelle did that a lot, and I thank her for that) "It's a wonder I got LOW. Remember this at Lavina's house?" Now the fellow who she has her arm linked with is not LOW (Lambert O. Wiltz, her future husband) but I think he is the fellow to her left. So what she meant is a mystery. And I wonder what the fellow in the back is drinking out of that pitcher?
Another picture of the group - this time Nelle must have taken it. Sitting on the lap of the fellow I think may be Lambert is Nan, my mother. Anyway, they are all having a fine time at the party! (Click to enlarge)

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