Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Visit to the Sionilli

A favorite place to take photos was the river - quite a few pictures show people posed in the shallow water along the shore. This picture is a mystery to me. I know that the lady on the right in the black outfit is Nan, my mother. Cute hat, Mom. Now the fellow on the left - he looks like he could be Dad but I certainly am not sure and will never know unless my brother knows.
Our parents met when the Pearces were at the cottage in Rome where my father lived and worked on the Benton farm. These could have been the Bentons. Mystery - we needed to ask more questions.
Here is Nan with her hair down holding some cute little kitties - and Dan, her father, peeking out the cottage window.

The same photo of bathing beauties I posted on Funoldhag for Fashion Friday - but it just has to be here, also. Nelle and Nan are on the left. Do you think this style will ever return? The outfits look wet and just a little "wet t-shirt" look. (Click to enlarge)

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