Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Hats from the Pearce Pictures

Here is Nan, my mom, and a very pretty friend of hers that is in many of the pictures, in their lovely hats. There are so many pretty bonnets in the pictures! Goodness, how the young women loved to dress up back then. These two lovely ladies are feeling mighty good about how they look, I would say.
Here is another friend of Nan's and I don't know her name, either. Her hat is lovely - looks as if it might be straw and trimmed in a pretty ribbon and maybe some flowers or cherries. This was one of the pictures at the conservatory in Glen Oak Park.

Nelle, my aunt on the right, with a friend of hers who I think was named Ruth. She appears in many of the photos, also. There hats are a lovely shape with high crowns and smaller brims. Ruth's has a cluster of flowers on the top and Nelle's is covered with sheared fabric and a flower cluster. How I would love to know the colors of their outfits and bonnets.
This unknown lady was in a picture with two other women I don't know - will post their hats at a different time. Her hat looks almost like a man's tophat only with fabric around the crown and flowers on each side. There again, it would be fun to know the color. She looks a little like a young Queen Elizabeth.

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