Sunday, February 14, 2010

November 12, 1950

Because it's Valentine's Day, I am posting pictures of a wedding held a long, long time ago.
My sister, Joanne Lee, on the day she married Bob. Their wedding was held on the anniversary of our parents' wedding on November 12, 1921.
I was her matron of honor and here we are as Jo finishes getting ready for her big moment. This was almost sixty years ago. Hard for me to believe.

As they were leaving the church. This picture and the following ones are not too clear and I did the best I could in editing them. It looks like maybe the camera was leaking light on one side as the left side is lighter in all of them.

Here is our kid brother standing by the car. He is probably the one who did the writing on the door. But, then, that is a requirement, right? Bud was either just out of high school or maybe in his last year. He did clean up well. You can see that he is ready with a box of rice to shower the newlyweds with its contents.

Ray and I - I still have that dress down the basement and one day will find some pictures that I took of Molly and a friend of hers dressing up in that, my wedding suit and an old square dance dress I kept. They are so cute....the girls, I mean.

And here are Nan and Charlie on their 29th wedding anniversary at the wedding of their middle child. Very seldom in my life did I ever see my father dressed in a suit - it was always exciting when we were little kids when Dad got dressed up. He was a nice looking fellow! Mom didn't get to dress up very often in those days either and her wardrobe was pretty meager - nothing like in her younger days. As I have mentioned before, the depression took a toll on so many people and it was hard to get ahead of the game. However, life was still good albeit simple and that is not bad. (Cl ick to enlarge)


  1. Wow that is just lovely Carol - I especially like the picture of you helping your sister get ready - what a great photo to have! Jewels

  2. I too love the picture of you helping her get ready. It looks like such a pretty dressing room or parlor. Was it at the Church?