Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ray's Parents

There are not very many pictures of my late husband's family. Ray was an only child, but both of his parents came from large families so he had lots of cousins (lots of them were his age) and many aunts and uncles. Above is a picture of Clemie and Harry, his mom and dad. Harry died when Ray was only twelve years old and his mom was just 32. She didn't remarry until she was in her 50's.
Here is Clemie with her 8th grade diploma and the scarf she wore at graduation. That diploma is in a bin in my basement and I think the scarf is there, also. Thanks to her, there are many lovely keepsakes from the early days. She gave me a bundle of baby clothes that he wore, baby shoes, etc., things that would have been lost. I so appreciate the old sentimental things and wish I had some from my childhood.

Clemie with her older sister, Leatha. They lost their mother very early - and before that, as I understand it, she was not a well woman. Leatha was mainly responsible for raising Clemie, who was the youngest in the family. I believe there was nine years difference in their ages. Leatha had two boys, one older and one younger than Ray. I am sure Ray felt like she was his second mother and would talk about her baking bread and her ham and beans, which he loved so much.

This is his father as a young boy. He died in the VA hospital in Dwight, Illinois. Harry was quite a bit older than Clemie. Very few pictures of him but I will post more later. I have a really sweet picture of him and his sister, Ethel, when they were very small - Harry was a baby - which is in the book that I put together. I had borrowed the original from Ray's cousin but will scan the picture from the book. More to come on Clemie and Harry later. (Click to enlarge)


  1. I just wanted to take a minute to comment. I love your blog! It is so wonderful to see all of these pictures "pieces from the past" What an awesome thing to have the diploma and scarf and the picture with them both. I have tried to keep some little things for my son. Your mother-in-law having them for you is inspiring to me.

  2. Heh Carol -isn't it interesting how we can come from such different backgrounds as our life partners? Alan is an only child and the last in his family line - I have a brother and sister and my Mum came from a family of seven! I love reading your family histories - thanks! J