Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Birthday Party Long Ago

It is my 81st birthday and I cannot believe I am that old. However, I am, and I feel so blessed that I have had such good health and such a loving family and a wonderful life. Here is a picture of a party that must have been when I was three years old. The little girl with her hands by her mouth is me. Looks like I am back to wearing my hair the same way now! Two of my aunts are in this picture - in the front holding her baby, Hap (Harry Arthur Pearce) is my Aunt Henrietta, Uncle Ed's wife. She was so cute and had the most fun giggle. And the last lady in the second row is my dear Aunt Leah and I don't know who she is holding. Right behind me a woman that looks familiar but I cannot c0me up with her name is holding a tiny baby and I think that could be my baby sister, Joanne. She was born on April 2 and we were almost three years apart. So that is an educated guess. The little boy next to me is a neighbor of my grandparents. He lived with his grandmother, aunt and I think his father. Don't know what the setup was but I always played with Newell when I was visiting. His grandmother had a really funny voice and my grandmother always referred to her as "Squeak". Not to her face, of course. It did fit her perfectly.

Here's a chubby, healthy, happy baby. Don't know how old I was when this was taken. Anyway, I have made it to 81 - wow!
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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I can't believe your 81 either!!!! Should I be so lucky. Hope you had a wonderful day Carol....the wedding will be here soon!