Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Family--Ray's Family

It's time to add another family to this blog--that of my late husband, Ray, with whom I shared 48 years of marriage. This year it would have been 60 years. There are quite a few pictures of his family on both sides, and I have decided to put both sets of grandparents and his parents in one group and label it "Ray's Family".
This is Ray as a little guy. He was a little "towhead" as they called little kids with really light blond hair. I would guess he was three or four in this picture.
Here is his "Grandma Barney", his paternal grandmother. He may be the baby on her lap and the other two would be cousins.

And this is "Grandpa Barney", and a friend, and it is evident that he farmed.

His maternal grandparents, Frank and Julia. I am not sure what he did for a living. I think this is a great portrait. What a wonderful rocking chair he is sitting in. Julia's outfit is beautiful and I think she is holding a fan. More to come on this new addition. (Click to enlarge)

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