Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting Around in Cars

Here are several pictures that were probably taken when going out for a drive. I thought that you would enjoy seeing the cars along with the people enjoying the day. Here is my mother's sister, Nelle, with her husband (eventually, anyway) and her friend Ruth.
Ruth, my mother's brother, Harry, and Nelle. What a great camera Nelle is holding. I think she is one of the Pearces responsible for lots of pictures.

This appears to be an entirely different outing. Written on the border of the picture is "Lacon Ills" which is a town across the river and about ten miles north of Chillicothe, where the Sionilli, the Pearce family's cottage, was located. I can only identify Aunt Nelle's friend, Ruth, in this photoThis was taken in Sparland, Ills, as noted on the border. Sparland is across the river from Lacon and there was a ferry that took you across. I think I mentioned that in a previous post. Nelle is in the shadows in the back seat and her friend Ruth is next to her. Some car! Harry (Ham), my mom's brother, shows up on the left here as does Ruth. The others I don't know.

I thought you would like to see this picture. Here is a car that has a rumble seat. The pretty woman, I am almost positive, is the daughter of my grandmother's sister, Ann Monch. I love the way she is dressed. This was most likely taken in California. Pretty nice car, wouldn't you say?
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