Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flashlights 1924

Here is another picture that I cannot recall every having seen. This, too, was one sent by my brother, Bud, recently. As you can see, it is called "Flashlights 1924" and the only thing I can figure out is that it was taken with a flash of some kind. This appears to be a family gathering although I don't recognize all of the people in the photo. I would wager that it was a get together because my Aunt Nelle (who was probably taking the picture), Uncle Lambert and cousins, Ken and Bob, were back in Peoria from California for a visit. Of course, my mom, Nan, is the woman standing in the back row, then an unknown fellow, followed by my Uncle Lambert. Next is my Uncle Ham and then one more unknown man. My dad, Charlie, with his arms folded is next. The remaining men I don't recognize. The second lady seated is my grandmother, Maggie, holding Ken, my cousin. The first lady who I think is holding Bob, my cousin, may be Uncle Ham's wife, Aunt Della, and the last woman in the row is my Aunt Leah. The other two women and three children I do not know. The clothing styles were starting to change-- dresses were shorter and there is just a completely different look at this time. I am thinking maybe the people I don't know here might be some of Lambert's family who lived in another town near Peoria. (This is a note to myself - I just had a thought as to who two more of the people are. The man with the big smile standing between my uncle and my father most likely is my grandmother's brother, Bob Carroll, and the lady in the lightest dress seated next to my Aunt Leah is most likely Rose, his wife. One or more of the children could belong to them.) (Click to enlarge)

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