Saturday, March 19, 2011

Young Quilters Long Ago

I found this picture online and absolutely love it.  All the pretty girls in their long skirts, pretty blouses and cute hairdos working on their quilt blocks.  They are wearing ribbons of some sort pinned on their bodices.  All of the girls are so young and probably working on something for their "hope chests" - I don't think the young women of today have those, do you?  Right in front is an open sewing basket belonging to one of the young ladies and another one is at the left.  Wonder what they were talking about.  Sweet, sweet picture.  (Click to enlarge)

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  1. I like it too Carol and am trying to figure out how to use it in something "artsty". LOVE the pic of your Mum in the banner - you are so lucky to have so many of her! J