Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ads You Won't See Anymore

Here is an old ad for Chesterfield cigarettes - no more are there ads like this in magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc.  I don't know if there are even Chesterfields anymore, although I do know there are lots of other brands.  When I smoked (for years and years, sorry to say) it was Marlboros.  It's been nineteen smokefree years for me now.  I used to really enjoy smoking and grew up in the 40's when smoking was everywhere.  The reason I quit was there was no longer anyplace to smoke - and I am so very glad I did.  Aside from the scary health effects, I cannot see why anyone would start it today just from the cost of it.  Won't lecture as I am not a righteous ex-smoker - each person must make their own decisions.  (I love the outfit on the lady - especially her shoes!)
Here is another pretty lady hawking Camels.  That's the way it was.  (Click to enlarge)


  1. I smoked Chesterfields, and the other brands that came in C-Rations (4 in a cellophane wrapped box) FOR FREE, and that's how I got started - in Vietnam. I smoked even after I got out of the service, usually in the evening, and never more than five a day. My wife also smoked, but she smoked all day, and it was Salems. I don't think she started because of a pretty lady in an advertisement, but I do remember seeing ads for Salems that looked much like the Chesterfield ad above.

    When we adopted, we both quit, and although have started (and stopped) many times, we are currently not smoking and at our age, probably won't start again. We don't go anywhere that allows smoking, so it isn't any longer a temptation.

  2. dear carol, you're just a magical woman =)
    I arrived on your blog (and seen the others too) by a few clicks from blog to blog! I really love the way you are showing the past by old cards and even the words from people who were sending postcards! my regrets by the way is that , with internet , i don't receive cards anymore ! too easy may be to send an ecard (which make my day when i open them anyway) but open the mail box and see a card writing by a friend who cares and take a few minutes to write is moments like another one ! that my idea by the way , i had to live with my century as my son said! =)
    I handcraft a lot too, crosstitch and sewing are my favorite , and my resolution is to learn quilting ! that's a challenge !
    I wanted to send you an email but couldn't I don't know why ! anyway I will continue to read your beautiful blog
    have a nice day , here in france it's nearly time to go to bed =)