Sunday, March 6, 2011


Some of you reading my blog (and thank you so much!!!) may not know that I have been quilting for over 35 years and am still as enthused about quilts as I was when I got started.  When looking through files for another item, I came upon this picture that was in a newspaper in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in the late 1970's.  The quilttop the ladies are holding is one that I did and took to have quilted.  It was my first fullsized quilt and the pattern is called Trip Around the World.  I did it in shades of red.  At that time, I had not started doing my own quilting so had several tops quilted in Arkansas.  The prices were unbelievably low and the work was very nice.  My husband and I used to go to Arkansas spring and fall from the KC area and go fishing on Beaver Lake down there.  A trip to Eureka Springs was always part of the agenda.  That is where I found a quilt shop and discovered you could have hand quilting done.  The hand quilting and the batting for the quilt came to $50.00---incredible.  I think there were a lot of women down there who were happy to get some quilts to do.  When I started hand quilting on my own, I discovered what a lengthy task it was but also a very soothing thing to do.  Here is a little poem I found a long time ago that is so very true----

Many a heartache has been buried

In the growing petal of a silken rose,
And the sharp edge of sorrow has been dulled
By the sweet, calm monotony of a shining bit of steel.

The idea can apply to anything you are passionate about and able to lose yourself in the process.  If you would like to see more quilts, just click on the lady leaning on the fence at the top of my sidebar and she will take you over to Funoldhag.  Would love to have you visit.
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