Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stylish Little Lady

I am 99% certain that this is a picture of my husband's mother, Clementine Julia.  The bangs throw me a bit, but it really looks like her.  If it isn't, it's a wonderful picture anyway and probably is a member of his family--maybe even his Aunt Leatha.  This is a stylish little girl with her pretty white collar, hat with a turned back brim and I do believe I see earrings.  This is rather like Fashion Friday on Tuesday.
This is the back and shows the prices for photographs.  I have noticed in many of the old papers that Illinois was abbreviated back in the "old days" as "Ills."  (Click to enlarge)


  1. This is not a tin-type, is it? It looks to me like the photograph was trimmed from a larger studio photo. I wonder who tatted the collar...

  2. Wow, I've never seen a pink card used. That's really interesting. Love the photo with the wonderful hat.

  3. Interesting! She was adorable. I'm always intrigued by the old family photos and I have one that I wrote about in my latest column that we still don't know exactly who the people are in it, though we know they're our family members in Poland in 1939. I've stared into their faces so many times in that photo, wondering who was who exactly.
    Hope you've had a wonderful week,