Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy PFF

Happy PFF and St. Patrick's Day!  Thought this was a cute little postcard for the day.   Never too old to be in love.  The sender of the card (I presume a lady) just signs it "From the Kid".  Must be his pet name for her.  Thanks again to Beth at  for hosting. 
(In the previous post, I have a link to an eagle cam in Decorah, Iowa, which is filming an eagle's nest continuously.  It is fascinating - just now there were wonderful closeups of the eagle's head.  Yesterday, I saw one of the eagles fly in and the other fly out for a break.  There are three eggs, I think.  Give it a look - you will love it.  Carol)


  1. Sweet card. And thank you for the link to the eagles nest. Neat to see what we perceive as a strong bird be maternal.

  2. I love the card, and I do so agree with the sentiment! :)