Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Old Book of Chillicothe Buildings

One of four houses in the old book published in 1936 of  the residences, businesses, churches, etc., in Chillicothe, Illinois, my old stomping grounds, that look like the house we lived in when Bill was born. 
And another one -

 A third...........
They certainly look alike, especially since I scanned the first three from the book before I got up and found the only one I could remember that showed the exterior of the house.  The first one is definitely ruled out because of the columns.  The other two the doors are wider in the other two pictures. Going back through the book I found the fourth one above - I think it is a match to the picture I found in an old album where Sherry is sitting on the front steps when she was about three years old.

That was kind of a neat old house - there was a built in china cupboard in the dining room and a clawfoot bathtub and corner sink in the bathroom.  It also had a little back porch.  It certainly has been some time ago!  (Click to enlarge)


  1. Oh, screened in porches. I once stayed at a cabin in New York state at a lake that had a screened in porch. I love them. Always wanted one. Fun house!

    And I forgot to tell you that yesterday I passed along a blogger award to your site. I did not notify those I gave the "award" because I don't want anyone feeling they need to continue these chain awards. But I did want to give you a shout out as a place to visit.

  2. I wonder, are the houses still there?
    I love the wonderful old photos you feature. Very interesting.

    Hope you're having a blessed week,