Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Slide Scanner

I have been fiddling around with the slide scanner this morning and am having a hard time getting it to give me good color.  This incredibly cute picture of my middle granddaughter, Molly, turned out well by changing it to black and white.  A novice at editing photos, this was the best I could do.  There are so many slides and they are hard to get out of the little carousels, but I will do some every once in awhile.  Probably have ten or more trays of them.  And, alas, there are none of Hannah since we quit using that camera before she was born.  However, there are plenty of her in the albums and from the digital camera!
Norah Lee the Christmas of 1983.  Looks like she got some shoe skates that year.  She is wearing a little jumper that I made - both girls got one - and I did strip piecing on the tops.  I think that the straps should have been shorter.  I trimmed them with lace and buttons and was inspired by a book by Jean Wells.  If I can find it around here someplace, I will post a picture of it on Funoldhag for my quilting friends.  I did a pretty good job of bringing the color to what it should be.   (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Carol I think you are doing a great job! Are you finding pics you forgot all about? Look forward to seeing more.