Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From an Old Ranger Ice Skates Box

My husband's mother kept lots of old things and I am so happy she did.  I have some of Ray's baby clothes, an old quilt, various pieces of embroidery, etc., and probably the very best of all is the old sampler that was made by his great (or great-great) grandmother, Mary Anne Wiley, when she was ten.   Click   if you wish to read a post I did on her sampler.

Down in the basement on a shelf I have an old box that once held ice skates and it is full of old recipe pamphlets, some magazines, lots and lots of old memorabilia that Clemie collected over the years.  I remember her telling me her recipes had been under the sink and got wet from a leak.  I think they must have been in something else since this box is not waterstained.  A few of the items inside are but not all.  Probably she had to throw some out.
Here is one of the booklets in the box.  It is dated 1933.

 One of the celebreties who is a fan of McNess products.  You know I kind of remember him.
Edith loves their products, too, and credits McNess in part for her success in winning ribbons for her cakes!
Here are some of her prize winning recipes.  Have you ever tasted burnt sugar cake?  I had forgotten all about it but it is super delicious.  Can't remember having made one, though.  I think there is also a burnt sugar icing that is rather like seven minute icing.  Good grief, I am getting hungry!!!!!   More things from the skate box later!  (Click to enlarge)

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  1. I just watched the making of burnt sugar almonds, and I have to admit I'm hooked.