Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From FOH Fashion Friday

Our models today are my cousins in California, Ken and Bob, and Uncle Lambert, the sons and husband of Nelle, my mother's sister who is in so many of the pictures. The boys are wearing uniforms and I am unsure if they are Boy Scouts or not. Bob, in the center, has some really great high boots. Now Uncle Lambert - what a great outfit he is clad in. A checked sweater, knickers and checked socks - handsome attire. And it is topped by a really good looking cap. Looking good, fellows! I am sorry this photo doesn't enlarge - I would love to see it closer.  (This was posted on Funoldhag in January, 2010.  Ken, the older brother, just passed away a few weeks ago not long before he was to turn 90 years old.  It was interesting that I really got to know him in the later years over the intermet.  My brother, Ken and I did a lot of e-mailing about the Pearce side of our family.  What a nice man he was.)   


  1. Great story, Carol. The web indeed works in mysterious ways.

  2. All I can say is "Twenty Three Skidoo!" Such fantastically fun clothes.