Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Long Ago Dance Recital

Probably about 1956 or 57, Sherry took tap dancing lessons.  Five little girls and one little fellow were in the class.  If I recall correctly, they were taught by the son of the fellow who drove the bus when I went to high school.  In this dance number their were five little chicks dressed in yellow maribou costumes and one little rooster.  I made Sherry's costume - I had my sewing machine in the living room and we had a dark green carpet.  There were lots of little yellow feathers around the machine for awhile.  Very cute little outfits. Sherry is the second little girl from the right in both pictures.

Here is Norah, Sherry's oldest daughter, dressed up in the chicken costume when she was playing in our basement in the  very early 80's.  The hat is minus its maribou but the costume still has lots of feathers.  She strikes the pose of the little dancers. 

This is a cute picture of the second dance.  They were graduates in this number.  Wish I could remember what tunes they danced to, but I just don't recall.  I made this little dress, too, and she was able to wear that one for quite a while.   More fond memories.  (Click to enlarge)

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  1. I haven't seen those pictures for years! Such nice memories of my mom who sewed so many wonderful things for me!