Friday, February 18, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday

Happy PFF.  Here is a quaint little card which I thought was a rather cute little joke and also very nicely illustrated.  But the message side is another story.................... 

It reads "Dear F. J. I would like to see you.  Sorry I am home sick but will have to put up with it.  I like Mrs. King she is very good to me.  I have a good room a good bed and plenty to eat so ought to be contented.  Grammie".   A sad little message from a homesick but strong woman.  To Beth, our hostess for PFF,, thank you again.  (Click to enlarge)


  1. This is such a neat card! It could be a Rockwell but for the monetary system they're 'learning'.

  2. That's a cute card. I would never be able to solve that problem because I don't know that currency.

  3. Neat card. Looks like Grammie wanted her young one to do her sums!!! Happy PFF

  4. Unusual card, so funny. He would find it easier nowadays with a decimal currency.

  5. That is a wonderful post and postcard! Thank you for sharing. Happy PFF, my dear!

  6. That old English system must have been a pain.
    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  7. Howdy Carol
    Happy PFF :)
    This is a super fun postcard !!!!!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend
    filled with many blessings.
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  8. wonderful card...absolutely gorgeous! it makes me so thankful that we switched to decimal currency in the UK when i was very small and i never had to deal with pounds, shillings and pence!

  9. Interesting card! I don't think I'd mess with that shop owner too much. Looks a bit bitter. Great post!