Monday, January 17, 2011


 Remember this little gadget that I posted about not so many days ago? 

Here is the first slide that I put on my computer files yesterday!!  I had sent an e-mail to the company a week or more ago and yesterday received an answer and apology for taking so long for their response.   As would be expected, right after the holiday would be a terrible time for a company that manufactures such items.  The writer gave very specific instructions and if I could not make it work, I was to get back to them.  Hallelujah - it worked!  I don't know that it will produce the best copies of the slides and, if not, I will probably look into one that is better.  The nice thing is that at least I can make copies - and there are plenty to go through!  In this picture of the two good looking young people are my son, Bill, and his pretty wife, Ann, in 1984.   The color is not really good but I will work on editing.  At least it's working. 


  1. Carol - that is great! I'll come over to see how you made it work! J