Friday, January 14, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday

 Here is a sextist postcard - but isn't it cute and very funny.  It is an artist signed card by C. Ryan.   I had no idea there were so many wonderful cards out there and it's lots of fun looking for something to post.  I do have some actual cards but would not call it a collection.  Hope it's not a problem posting cyber cards and I do have permission to do that. 
Love the message to Verna from Irving (I think) which I believe is "Dear Verna, Don't you think this is an awful card.  This is not my opinion so don't be angry dear.  Your good letter recd.  Lovingly, Irving".
Verna may never have seen this card since it has not been stamped and cancelled.  He could have just given it to her, though.  Again to Beth at  thanks so much for being our lovely hostess.  Happy PFF to all.  (Click to enlarge)


  1. LOL. Long may we all rest! I don't think I'll be playing today, but I will try to visit a few folks later today. I have an Antique Show (it's called the Cabin Fever Show) to set up for today.

  2. That's a pretty and amusing card. Happy PFF!

  3. Quite right too, LOL. Great card. My father used to say that it was only women not being satisfied with things as they are that lifestyles progressed.
    Love your header photo in the snow.

  4. Maybe Irving decided it might be better not to give it to her! It's a fun card. :)

  5. :D :D :D Great card!

    In my blogpost, yes, the hartebeests are from Mozambic.
    Hannah could send you (or me!) a postcard or two with some wild mammals from there.
    But I am looking for philatelic partners/friends from around the world, who could send me maximum cards, as postcards.
    They only have to firmly affix a matching (not identical) stamp on the picture side.
    More details available upon request, from anybody interested.
    I reciprocate such favors, of course.

  6. Great card! I am sure cyber cards are perfectly fine.

  7. I laughed out loud at this card. Sometimes postcards were placed in envelopes and mailed. Perhaps it was the case with this one. Happy PFF.