Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Pearces

 Pieces of the Past really got started because of all of the pictures I have of the Pearce family - my maternal grandparents.  Along with those I have and ones that were sent to me by my brother and by a  cousin in California, I decided it would be fun to do a blog and use them along with many other old family pictures from my husband's family, my paternal grandparents, and our family.  I am sure the above picture of the Pearces is already in this blog way, way back, but I wanted to put it in along with the two that follow.  Above are Nan, my mother, Maggie, my grandmother, Leah, Dan, my grandfather, Ed, the youngest, Nelle who is in many of the Fashion Fridays over on my Funoldhag blog, and Harry, or Ham, as everyone called him. 
In 1951, Aunt Nelle and Uncle Ham came back from California for a visit.  My grandfather had been gone quite a long time but here is the Pearce family at that time--- Leah, Ham, Grandma Pearce, Ed, Mom and Nelle.  I am so glad I have this photo.  Ray and I were living in an apartment owned by an Italian couple, Sam and Reena Marini.  They lived on the ground floor while we lived upstairs.  In the basement, they had an Italian restaurant.   The family had a dinner at Marini's while Nelle and Lambert, her husband, and Uncle Ham were back.  I don't remember why my Aunt Della, Ham's wife, was not able to come back with them. Below is the picture of our entire family at that time.  Ray and I were expecting Sherry.

The first couple is my parents, Nan and Charlie, my sister, Joanne and Bob, her husband,  Nelle and Lambert,  Ham and Grandma Pearce, Ed and Henrietta, his cute wife, Ray and me, and my brother, Bud, and Aunt Leah.  Hard for me to believe this was almost 60 years ago!    (Click to enlarge) 

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  1. You're very fortunate to have these old family photos and it's wonderful how you share them here. I try to do the same from time to time, though our photos are kind of limited. There are people - Aunts and Uncles of my Dad (my Dad is 85) whom I've wondered about so much - what they looked like and every so often I'll sort through eBay to see if I can find any of them in old photographs on auction. I know that someone in the family had photos, but whether or not they were simply thrown out or passed on through estate sales - I don't know.

    I'm enjoying your blog.
    ~Linda in Illinois. ♥