Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Collages

Back in the late 1970's, I did a group of the collage frames of our family and had them hanging in our hall in our home in Overland Park. Each of these has pictures of our childhood, one of our parents, and high school graduation picture.There are some that I have posted before but I think this makes a nice addition to my blog. Also in my group of pictures is one of my sister, Jo, my brother, Bud, and me. I am the oldest sibling. Ray was an only child. The one of me and my friend, Shirley, in the boat was the day three of us spent most of the day on the river and ended up with terrible sunburns. Shirley was in bed a couple of days. Elinor (taking the picture) and I were both hurting really bad but we had much darker complexions and not as bad off as Shirley. That is one of the only times I have ever had a bad sunburn. It was a hazy day, too, but I guess the reflection of what sun there was on the water set up a bad scenario. (Click to enlarge)

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  1. very cool Carol - also like the "slide show" of your family you've got running on the side - very nice...J