Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Trip Upriver to the Sionilli

Here is D. B. Pearce, my granddad, standing in front of his car and the cottage that they had upriver.
The Pearce family spent many happy days at the Sionilli, in Rome, Illinois. Here are Dan and Maggie with some folks who were visiting them. Dan was into politics in Peoria - at the time I was born I think he was City Treasurer and with a third grade education. The visitors here appear to be a sheriff or police officer and his wife. I love looking at the picture of my grandmother, Maggie, on the right end. She was so very pretty when she was a young woman.

Here are some of the young Pearces. Ed and Leah are the first two in the back row, and I think Ham is in the middle in the front row and my mom, Nan, is on the right. Methinks Ed was a little dickens - he was that way even when he was older. Always had a joke and was fun to be around. My late memories of him included when he and Aunt Henrietta would watch wrestling on television. She was the cutest person and I really liked being around her. Cooling off in the river. Back then it was nice and clean - notsomuch anymore.
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  1. Love the picture of the kids in the river- good times....