Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Hometown Parade

Chillicothe, Illinois, probably some time in the late thirties or the forties, was the scene of a parade for some occasion. I am guessing that it could have been the Santa Claus parade held in early December each year - the trees in Cutright Park that is just past the building on the left are devoid of leaves. Leading the parade is a handsome fellow on a horse carrying the flag. My brother speculated that it might be Kenny Koch, a prominent young business man who started out with almost nothing and was extraordinately successful. However, his life was cut short by a tragic snowmobile accident. In the background, the band can be seen marching down Second Street, the main drag in Chilli. The building at left is Kelly's Department Store. How I wish I could see it as it was back then. I wasn't in it too many times, but even I as a young girl knew that they still had some of the stock on their shelves that had been there for years and years. Small towns are wonderful! (Click to enlarge)

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