Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Siblings

Sometime ago when my brother sent along this picture, I was so very happy since I had never seen this particular photo before. I had some that were taken on the same day, but not this one of our father holding the three of us. There are so very few pictures of us in our childhood and even less of Dad at that time. More when we were teenagers and older but not as little kids. I really treasure this picture. I don't think I have posted this on this blog - maybe on Funoldhag -but if I have, I'm sorry. I do want it here, though.
Here is another of the three of us. I probably was around 13 or 14 at the time. Wearing what they used to call a "bobby suit" and an awful perm. Probably was going through my awkward stage! We are standing in front of Dad's garden. Jo was probably 11 and Bud maybe around 9.
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  1. Carol that is a very nice picture of your family with your dad. I think that i remember seeing on your blog funoldhag a picture of your dad standing witht he same outfit on with your brother and you. I remember commenting on his darn right clean and polished outfit. lol Maybe you should buy a tiny frame and put this picture in it and put it in your sewing room. I just love to look at pictures in my house of the past they just make me smile.