Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Pictures of Unknown Children

Pictures sent by my brother that are sweet but of unknown children. I believe he mentioned that he got them - or one of them - from the daughter of the owner of the old general store in Rome, Illinois, where we grew up. These pretty little girls were all dressed up - was it for a birthday party? I just thought you might enjoy looking at the pictures. I love their pretty dresses - some look as if they have pantaloons underneath. Stockings with stripes must have been very stylish, too.
Lots of children - of all ages - by an old car and I think the driver is the fellow with the cap on the left side of the picture. Might this have been a school outing or a Sunday school picnic? So many things you can think of in regard to the reason for the gathering. These children go from very small to maybe junior high age. Regardless, these are two very sweet pictures from long ago. Enjoy. (Click to enlarge)

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