Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Ray was a Young Boy

I don't think they sell toy guns like this anymore - the kids nowadays probably don't play "cops and robbers" or "cowboys and Indians". We even played it sometimes without the guns - all you had to do was point your finger and shoot. "Bang, you're dead!" I think it was pretty innocent play and quickly forgotten after a session of shootouts. The nice thing about back in the "old days" was that the only time you ever saw anything vaguely violent was in the movies and they were nothing compared today - a far cry from what is on television right in our homes. I think it must be so difficult for young parents to cope with all the things that influence their children in this modern world. It is so different now than when we raised our kids. Anyway, my husband is the cute little guy on the right - and I think the one on the left is his cousin, Jay. I don't know the little fellow in the center.Ray is on the horse - and I am not sure who the other folks are, but I have an idea they were relatives in Nebraska who Ray and his mother visited. I think this is a cute picture and it was probably taken in the mid to late '30s. (Click to enlarge)

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