Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At the Santa Fe Station In Chillicothe, Illinois

Some time around 1935, give or take a year, my mother's sister, Nelle, and her two sons, Ken and Bob, came from California for a visit. They were met at the depot in Chillicothe by a good sized group of welcoming relatives. In the front row, down on one knee is Dan, my grandfather, then Bob, my little sister Joanne, my Uncle Ham, little brother Bud, Ken and the fellow on the end is unknown to me. In the back row I have no idea who the first two people are, but the next lady is my grandmother, Maggie, my Aunt Della (wife of Ham), then dear Aunt Leah with me standing right in front of her but only my eyes and hairbow showing, and the visitor from California, Aunt Nelle. The next people are unknown until the very last lady and that is Nan, my mom. It is always so surprising to see how people dressed up so much more than they do now. Over half of the women in the picture wore hats. So much different today. This is also one of very few pictures of my brother, sister and me together. I think we were kind of cute kids! (Click to enlarge)

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  1. I love the short shorts on your little brother. Both of my boys had bow tie suits that had shorts in stead of long pants and i just loved the way that they looked in them. I will show you their pictures some day.