Monday, September 28, 2009

Maggie and Leah in San Francisco

Pictures taken when my grandmother and Aunt Leah traveled to San Francisco to visit with Aunt Nelle and her family. Maggie is shown holding Liz Ann, the little girl who is the daughter of Betty, my Aunt Della's sister. Della is married to my Uncle Ham. They never had any children of their own, but raised Betty after the girls' mother died when Betty was still quite young.
Here is Leah with Betty who was just a couple of years older than I.
Here are Maggie and her two daughters, Leah and Nelle, ready to leave for an outing. Maggie looks sombre in this photo and Leah is dressed in her pretty print dress, light jacket and a little hat. Nelle has a very pretty coat with a fur collar.
In this photo, we find Aunt Della and Aunt Leah all dressed up and ready to go. Note the cool old car in the background. It rather reminds me of a '57 Chevie that our son had when he was in high school - only I think this car is too big to be a Chevie. Women were still dressing up wearing pretty frocks, hats and gloves. For quite a few years after we were married, everyone dressed up to go to the dentist, shopping, wore hats and gloves to more! Even in high school we wore skirts and sweaters or blouses. When I was working at Hesston Corporation in Hesston, Kansas, I remember the first time a woman wore pants to work and that was in about 1970. She was a woman in her middle forties and wore a nice pants suit. That started the rest of the girls wearing pants. However, one cute little blonde whose name was Alma and was kind of a "my friend Irma" type, came to work in slacks and a rather tight t-shirt. Alma was sent home to change clothes. She was such a kookie little gal - you had to just love her - one day she watered a plastic plant. That still makes me giggle. I digress!! (Click to enlarge)

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  1. It would be interesting to see some pics of how some of your individual relatives changed "styles" over time - I guess I'm quite happy to be casual - but I think one really should take the time to dress up more often for special occassions (reminds me of the show What Not to Wear)....