Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Fun at the Sionilli

This picture is kind of a puzzlement to me - my grandfather in a rocking chair and is it by the outhouse? I am trying to figure out if the little building is the outhouse - the Sionilli would have had one, for sure. It looks rather small - but they don't have to be very big to serve their purpose. And, Dan, why are you in a rocking chair out in the back yard?
This one is labeled "The kids" - the second kid is my dear Aunt Leah and the little guy with the devilish grin is my Uncle Ed. He was a funny guy, really.

Guess Dan got tired rocking and decided it was naptime. Complete relaxation. I think all the Pearces had a great time at the Sionilli! (Click to enlarge)
PS (The weekend at Mackinac Island for my granddaughter's wedding was just wonderful. If you would like to see a couple of pictures, click on the lady at the sewing machine at the top of the right sidebar and it will take you over to Funoldhag.)

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