Monday, July 19, 2010

Rome Grade School Puts on an Operetta

The cast of an operetta that was held probably 70 years ago at Rome School. Cannot remember the name of the production or the plot - but do know that I played the part of a gypsy. I have a bandana tied around my hair and am standing behind the "fellow" in the derby hat. There seems to be a little guy with a lasso, one with a sombrero and Buddy McDonald must be a bear in his fur coat in the front of the ensemble. Could the little girl with the umbrella be a tight rope walker? My sister, Joanne, is the little girl in the next to the last row directly behind the "bear". For some reason, my brother is not in the cast. Can't figure that out! It amazes me how I can remember the names of almost all of my old schoolmates in the picture. The little boy in the front who is on crutches was Roland Kelly. Roland actually had a hump back and never did grow very tall. I don't remember him being on crutches in school so they must have been part of his role. I think Mary, the girl in the very striped stockings, is holding one of those jointed toy snakes. Enjoyed looking at all the expressions - many looking so serious and very few grins. As I am thinking about this, I think it might have been Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm - but that is just a guess and probably a bad one. Thought you might enjoy this old, old piece of the past. (Click to enlarge)


  1. Yes, I did enjoy it. But I think you're probably standing BEHIND the guy in the derby, and the expression on HIS face makes me wonder if you were possibly poking him? LOL. I've a few of these, but not nearly as interesting, since they were all Christmas oriented. I think I played Joseph in one of them...

  2. I have the cutest picture of my youngest Gar in a patriotic themed show. I will never forget how excited he was to be in that particular show. When i think about it to this day I just have to smile. It seems as though he practiced his songs for months before the big show. lol