Monday, July 5, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Back in 1952, we were young parents and our little girl, Sherry, was a year old. Sometime during that summer, we joined Ray's family for a picnic at a park in Chillicothe that was held for relatives that were visiting. I cannot remember who they were or where they were from. We sit at the right end of the middle row. All five of the Rusk siblings (Ray's mom and her sisters and brothers) were present as well as some of their family members. One of Ray's uncles and his wife had ten children and were still having children when their older children were giving them grandchildren. I think the little fellow in the white shirt in front had some nieces and nephews older than he was. A glaring difference in the bygone days - the way we dressed for a summer picnic. Where were the shorts (except for the one little boy), jeans, teeshirts? Ray's cousin, Wanda Mae, even wears an apron. And I have dressed Sherry up in a pretty dress, too.

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