Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pictures from Ray's Side of the Family

This group of photos has pictures of some of Ray's uncles - on both sides of his family. With his paternal grandmother are two of his uncles - the one on the left I believe is his uncle Wilbur (Cotton) and on the right is Art.
This fellow may be Charlie, an uncle I never met. He was a farmer in northern Illinois and I don't think he kept in touch with the rest of the family that all lived in the Chillicothe area.That was back in the days when couples married, settled down in their home towns, had families who also settled down close to their families. An entirely different world as compared to now.

This young fellow was a brother of Ray's mother. He is Sammy and he also was a farmer and lived just west of Chillicothe.

And here is another brother of Clemie's - Everett. Quite a picture of him with his curly hair and pretty baby dress. I think I have already posted a picture of Ray in one of his baby dresses. That was very common years ago. (Click to enlarge)

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  1. I have a picture of my father in a dress - since he's no longer with us, I think it's okay to say it. He didn't want anybody seeing that picture, but fortunately my grandmother (his mom) held on to it and wouldn't let him have it. It passed to his sister (my aunt) and I ended up with all of the old family photos. These are all great, Carol! The stern looks in the first one make me think they weren't especially enamored of having their picture taken.