Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Party from Long Ago

On this day back in 1953, our family gathered to celebrate two birthdays - one turning 2 and one turning 82. Our daughter, Sherry Kay, was born on my maternal grandmother's, Maggie, 80th birthday so Maggie was turning 82. We were in our backyard in the little house we lived in that was right across the road from the Illinois River. Posing for a picture are my sister, Jo, Ray's mom, Clemie, my mom, Nan, my dad, Charlie, birthday girl Maggie, and my dear aunt, Leah.
The new wagon holds the other birthday girl and on one side is Ray and the other side is me. I am just starting to wear maternity clothes since there will be a new little sibling for Sher by years end. Happy Birthday, my dear daughter!! I'm so glad we had you! Mom


  1. Is that a Radio Super wagon for the daughter?

  2. I always wanted a wagon like that. A pretty little red wagon. I see the now at antique stores and think "Yeah, but where do I put it?"

    Nice there are such memories attached to this little shot. Good times.