Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two Old Houses and the Wassonia

Here is another picture of my grandparents home in Peoria at 319 Behrends Avenue. I am almost certain that the five children on the front porch are the Pearce siblings. Harry "Ham" would be the little fellow on the left by the rocking chair. Sitting in front of the door is Leah. Nell and Nan, my mom, sit on a bench with Edwin between them. Good shot of the house as it was then - the "coping" showing up really well. The barn like building to the right would be the big old garage or carriage house belonging to the house across the alleyway. There was a similar large building out back of Pearces' home. An alley ran along behind Behrends Avenue, also.
This was in some of the pictures from my brother and I don't know whose house it was, but I do know I would not mind having a cute little house like that. Do not know the people who live there, either, but they certainly look like nice folks. Don't you love the boys hats and tie? The shutters on these windows actually have a purpose, it seems. Sweet little place.

This is the Wassonia - a hotel along the river in Rome, Illinois, that was just north of my grandparents' cottage, the Sionilli. When Ray and I moved back to Chillicothe (it was actually to Rome but our address was Chillicothe) in 1984, you could have driven out of the driveway of the Wassonia, turned left, crossed the old "hardroad", continued on and crossed the new "hardroad", gone about a block and a half and our house was the last on the right as you got to a point where you either turned right or left. It was no longer the Wassonia, but a restaurant called Mariner's Point. (Click to enlarge)

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