Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet My Kid Brother and His Family

This is my brother, Bud (he will always be Bud to me - everyone else calls him Chuck), his wife, Dot, and their son Mike. This would have been taken sometime in the late fifties or early sixties. He had a cottage by the river after he got out of the Air Force. I can't remember if that is where they lived after they were married. Ray and I had moved to Iowa before he got out of the service so I am sketchy on the timing of everything. Bud also has a keen interest in the old family pictures and we have shared pictures back and forth. Our cousin, Ken, in California has been a very big help in gathering family memorabilia. Cute couple, don't you think? Mike is pretty darned cute, too!

Here is a very nice picture (which I have made antique instead of color) of the shoreline of the Illinois River which my brother sent me along with a lot of the pictures. This one makes me want to "look for pretty rocks and Indian beads" like I used to do when I was a little girl. We used to play on the riverbank a lot. One fun thing was to turn big rocks over and find leaches. There were lots and lots of pretty shells - snails, clams, etc. Great place to spend an afternoon. I think we had much more freedom as children back then than the youngsters have now. No one locked their doors and there was not the fear that is so prevalent today. In the summertime, we were outside all the time! (Click to enlarge)

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