Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Little Shoes

I was looking through some blogs this morning and came upon one with a picture of some little old baby shoes. Aha, I have some darling little shoes that belonged to my husband when he was a baby and that was 83 years ago. His mom saved so many things and I am so glad. Don't you think they are just wonderful? Scuffed, dirty, and adorable. There is only one of the little two color shoe. Buttons, isn't that unbelievable - a far cry from velcro. Here is Ray, the cute little fellow in his pretty dress and the one who scuffed up his shoes and got them all dirty. Bless his heart!
(Click to enlarge)


  1. those little shoes! oooh How lovely .
    wonderful his mom kept all those stuff!

  2. oh those shoes are adorable!!!