Monday, October 26, 2009

My Siblings and Me

Seems the the majority of the very small amount of pictures that exist of Carol, Jo and Bud were taken at our grandparents home. There are more of me as a baby and toddler than there are of Jo and Bud but that is probably because the first born usually got the most attention. It's a shame there are not more, but I do appreicate the ones that we have. Here are Carol and Jo all dressed up for cooler weather. Cute striped stockings! Jo was such a cute little girl and was looking sweet in her tam. My hat was pretty cute, too. Big and little sis.
And there is Bud with Grandma Pearce while Jo and I watch in the background. Grandma, as usual, was pretty well all dressed up, too.

I just put this in since I saw that I was wearing the same dress under my coat that I wore in the first picture. When this was taken, there was also one taken of Jo that was so cute - she was wearing a snowsuit and matching hat. How I wish I had a copy of that picture. (Click to enlarge)

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