Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baby Buggies

As I look through the files of pictures on my computer, I see there are members of my family and Ray's, also, that are posing with little babies in their buggies. The buggies are a far cry from those that are being used today. Wicker was used and the hood could be turned to the other side to shield baby from the sun. All had the large spoked wheels.

In this first picture, we find Nelle with most likely her eldest son, Ken, out for a stroll on a lovely day in San Francisco. As usual, Nelle is dressed fashionably and maybe I should have saved this for a Fashion Friday on Funoldhag. However, being with the other buggies won out.

This picture is from Ray's family. It is a rare photo of Ray's father, Harry, with his little son in his baby buggy. Harry tips the buggy so you can see his little boy.

This one is on my other blog and shows my cousin, Harry Arthur Pearce, who was called "Happy" or "Hap" all his life, in his big wicker buggy. And I am pushing a buggy with a doll that is almost as big as Hap. The pictures of the Pearce family that extended even through my early childhood indicate that they were living very comfortably with a nice home, cottage, pretty clothes, etc. However, the depression had a huge effect on my grandparents, and my parents never really got their heads above water for years. They never did own a home. I can remember one Christmas when my father actually painted some toys that my brother already had to make them appear new. From this picture, it would certainly seem I was probably showered with wonderful things - and maybe I was at that time - but all that changed. Regardless, as I have said before, when I look back on my childhood it is always with a feeling of being loved, well taken care of and being a happy kid. Again, I digress. Enjoy these old pictures of baby buggies, their little occupants and the doting parents pushing them. (Click to enlarge)

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  1. How times have changed - all those buggies probably would not pass safety inspections these days! Still the really are pretty (and even nicer if you have one). Jewels