Friday, April 27, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

Here is a sweet little postcard from a fella to a gal - and I think he may be smitten.  Love the illustration - she is sweet, shy and very open to his attention.  Looking very spiffy in his straw hat, the fellow is looking at her with adoring eyes and so sweetly sincere as he talks to his sweetheart----
  Say what you would say
If I were to say
What I want to say
The message on the card is not that romantic, but he most certainly is taken with Mattie or he would not have picked out the post card he did.   It would be so interesting to know if this budding romance almost 100 years ago between Mattie and  C. C. ever culminated in marriage.  What do you think?

 Thanks, Beth, for hosting PFF through your delightful blog -


  1. I think he was in trouble for missing her birthday! The only way is UP for this relationship!!! :D :D Cute card and I love the hats! Happy PFF!

  2. I'm sure the card itself will have won Mattie around. Good choice, CC! :)