Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Been a Long, Long Time

Almost six and one half months since I have posted anything on Pieces of the Past.   The reason for this is mainly that I had just about run out of old family pictures to post.  With the onset of Pinterest (if you have not heard of this you can go ahead and google the term), it is such fun seeing all the things that people find interesting and post on their boards.  Of course, you will find many that have the same interests you have and therefore can pin from each other to fill your boards with pictures of things you love.  My interests, of course, are the needlearts, color, anything vintage, nature, to name a few.   

I have always loved things from the 20's and 30's and I adore the lovely illustrations and greeting cards, etc., in the art deco manner.  This bridge tally is beautiful.
 Another of my favorite things - head vases.  I have several and my daughter has two or three that I had purchased quite a few years ago.  They are so very pretty and are becoming very collectible now raising the price considerably.
One of my boards on Pinterest is "Absolutely Dotty" and here is one of the pictures I have posted there.  Shirley and I are the same age!

In the time I have been away from posting on POP,  my new little great-grandson, Henry, is about to turn 8 months old and is, of course, adorable.  His grandma and grandpa and I skype with them and that is so amazing.   Here he is all ready for crazy hair day at day care.  I laugh everytime I look at his adorable face in this photo!  Would love to squeeze him!
 So, I think I will start resurrecting Pieces of the Past and take it in a slightly different direction.  There will still be some family photos but of my more immediate family.  I also have a new book by the Historical Society of Chillicothe and I will probably post some of those pictures, too.  Oh, yes, I will do Postcards on Friday - that was always fun!


  1. Nice to see you back! I'm also intending to do Friday, but I've not been playing lately. Way too much art work to do!

  2. Your grandson made my day. He is the cutest little elfin boy. Adorable. Picture perfect.

    Welcome back. I've missed you.

  3. Wonderful to hear Carol - I always love to see your photos here. J