Friday, July 22, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday

I went searching for something to do with this awful hot weather and this was all I could find.  Fortunately for us here in Michigan, it looks to be better tomorrow and on for the next several days with temps in the 80's instead of the 90's.  I will take that!  The little poem on the card certainly hits the nail on the head when it comes to human nature. 
Here is the back of the card - I have tried and tried, but cannot make any sense out of it.  I certainly hope Emily could.  Thanks to Beth at  for being our hostess.  Check out her blog and see what everyone has posted for this week.  Happy PFF and a good weekend to all.


  1. I've made this message out from your card - I've spent many years deciphering really bad handwriting:

    Emily, What do you think of these words? Rather fitting to last night don't you think. I mean(?) you had.
    Have had my proofs of photos come today. I don't think much of them. I should like you to see them. Could you ride around to my house in the morning - or will leave until I see you in the evening. Just off to Kindergarden(??) Good night dear girl. Will(?)

  2. The poem on the card is certainly true to human nature ..."we" seem to always want something different than what we have! Happy PFF!

  3. Perfect sentiments in the poem.

  4. Thank you for sharing this summery poem, yeah the heat is totally awful

  5. Hi. Sorry I missed your previous posts.
    I like this card, especially the message. It reflects our nature as humans. I could use some cheering up these days, too.

    Have a great weekend.

    Postcards Crossing

  6. It's so true, we are rarely satisfied with our lot. Well done to Muse Swings for deciphering the message!

  7. Nice cheer! We must learn how to be appreciative people even in unfavorable times.

    Happy PFF!