Tuesday, July 12, 2011


For a lot of the years growing up in Rome, Illinois, we had this furry, funny old dog named Bing.   Heaven only knows what breeds of dogs he came from - he was quite a mix of something or other.  Lots and lots of hair and must have been part sheep dog since it grew down over his eyes.  However, my dad cut it back especially in the summer and it looked so odd at first.  Here he is with my sister.  Why she had him standing on a box, I can't tell you.  I look at this photo and am thinking what a pretty sis I had and what pretty hair she had! 
Here is Bing in his doghouse with the personalized entry.  I am also seeing dad's workpants hanging on the clothesline in the back - and the line is being held up by a clothesprop.  Remember those?   Thought you might enjoy this little piece of my past. (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Well you know how I feel about dogs Carol! Lovely picture of your sister. Thanks for sharing :) J