Monday, July 18, 2011

Motto Pictures

This is the start of my collection of old motto pictures.  I found this in my mother-in-law's things and just adored it. 
This is the second piece - my daughter gave it to me for my birthday sometime after 1972. I love the art, the poem, the frame and the person who gave it to me. Whenever I would go to antique stores or shows I would buy any of these that I could find and afford.
One of my very favorites, this one was found at an antique show in Peoria.  I pretty well have my walls filled with odds and ends like this.  Most everything came from antique stores, garage sales, auctions or was lovingly made by someone.  Anymore, as much as I dislike housework, I kind of wish I liked things more modern and much sparser.  Alas, that is not the case so I am also collecting quite a bit of dust!   I have the theory that dust is "clean dirt" since it can be eliminated quickly if you just get out the dustcloth!  One day soon!  (Click to enlarge) 


  1. LOL. My mom called that a 'duster', although I think she got that from her mother. Does it say who the artists were on any of these pieces? I'm kind of curious.

  2. You like me like to feather your nest. I'm resigned to that. I need these things around me. All sorts of things that others considering useless including rocks and small pieces of tree bark. I too would have these hanging on the wall. They're wonderful. From one nester to another.

    Like Dave, I too am curious as to who the artists might be. The work looks so familiar. Especially the second one. I believe I have a card done by this artist.

  3. Ok Carol, I asked Elle if she would help me clean the other day and this is what she told me: "My favorite way of cleaning is to sweep the room with a glance!" Oh brother are you two meant for each other or what! lol