Monday, May 28, 2012

School Days in the 1940's

Waiting for the school bus in Rome at the corner by Blarney Castle are Audrey Claycomb (she evidently had spent the night with Mary Pasquay who is to the right), Claire Anderson and Joanne Droll, my sister.  There were two bus routes for the high school back then - the North Bus and the South Bus.  The north one collected the country kids in that direction first and those of us south were the last to get picked up.  It was reversed in the evening, so we got home last - in fact, our stop was almost the last one on the south route.
Not a good picture!  However, I just wanted to put it in the post.  Our bus driver for both routes and for the four years I was in high school was Glen Buckingham - fondly called Bucky!  What a nice fellow - everyone loved Bucky.
Another old picture I found.  The football team practicing in the field behind the high school.  I have no idea who the fellows in the picture are, but thought it was a good one to blog.  Probably Jack Mooney, Phil McCormick, Claude Mann, and some of the other fellows from my class are on the field.  Some years later, Ray and I bought the house across the side street from the high school that had been built by the building and trades class quite a bit earlier.  It was a fun place to live.  Our son, Bill, was just a little fellow and he would get so excited when the band practiced in the street in front of our house.  Marched up and down going "Boom, boom, boom""   Sweet memory.
One more picture I found that shows me and my paper doll buddy, Fern Davis, in her front yard.  Fern and I spent many hours drawing around dolls and designing and coloring clothes for them.  We also collected movie star pictures!  Fern had scrapbooks for the individual stars or star couples.  I was so in awe of that.  Mine were in a big box of some sort.   She lived across the street from the grade school in Rome which had become a four room school instead of one room.  The year I was a fifth grader, they built the stage out and walled it off and made two rooms.  Another teacher was brought in to fill that space.  Opal Claypool taught 5th through 8th on the stage and Miss Placher, who had been the sole teacher for a long time, taught the first four grades in the main room. When I was in the 7th grade, two new rooms were added on the front (which is the brick building behind Fern and me.  Miss Placher took 1,2, 7 and 8 and I think it was a Miss Alvord who took the other four.  So I was back with my original teacher in the last two years.  That was all so very long ago when life seemed to be much simpler than it is today. 

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