Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old Pots and Pans

Back to the old skate box that was under Clemie's sink--here is an old recipe book put out by Club Aluminum cookware which was so very popular around the time Ray and I were married.
A composite of the pieces available - my parents gave us several pieces as a wedding present.  I can remember the oval roaster and at least two covered saucepans which were the last pieces pictured beneath the coffee pot on the right.  I think they were the smallest and largest of the three.  There may have been a covered skillet, too.   This was very heavy duty cookware and I had it for ages, but I don't  remember what happened to it.
Remember Revereware?   This little saucepan and lid is like the one given to us by my Aunt Nelle in California when we were wed.  Yes, it's the Aunt Nelle who is pictured so many times in this blog.  I still have and still use this little old pan.  It's little bottom hasn't been polished in a long time (maybe I will get out an SOS pad and do that!) but it has certainly served me well over the years.  The handle is dull now since I do put it in the dishwasher.  It's been in my kitchens for almost 63 years!  I have a soft spot in my heart for this little pan.
Then there is Guardian Service - also aluminum and very, very heavy duty.  Ray's mother had some pieces of that and gave them to me.  There were a couple of sauce pans and a round skillet,  as I recall.  The one triangular shaped pot was not one that I had, but this picture shows the little black pieces that you put on the protrusions of the pans so you could lift them while they were hot.
Here is another pot showing the glass lid that came with the pieces.  I believe there were also metal lids.  You can see the metal handles on each side that would get very, very hot.
This gadget was to use as a handle for the ones used as frying pans. They thought of everything.  When I was looking around on the web, without reading very much, I gather that Guardian Service ware is quite collectible and rather pricey.  It was manufactured between the 1930's through 1950's.   Before we moved to Michigan,  I sold the pieces I had to my neighbor across the street who had some and loved it. 

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