Friday, May 11, 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday

 There aren't nearly as many Mother's Day postcards as I thought there would be, and I'm not sure if this is actually one or not.  However, it looks to me to be a "perfect" picture of a family on the day moms are honored.  There she is with curlers in her hair receiving breakfast in bed  along with flowers, a gift and big smiles from her loving family.  Looks like Mother's Day to me!
Either mother or father's sister is sending the postcard to her niece from Stockholm  - a long, long way from South Dakota.  Can't make out the year on the postmark, but it was some time ago.

Happy PFF - and thanks again to our hostess, Beth.    Check out Beth's blog at  


  1. How delightfully charming. lol I LOVE this postcard! May I add it to my cyber collection? Just fabulous--reminds me of when I was a kid. lol

    Happy PFF!

  2. Wonderful!! It's quite a while since anyone gave me breakfast in bed, even though the picture looks more like teatime. I love it. :)

  3. I treasure all items from the past and enjoy all your achievements. My grandparents were immigrants from Western Europe and were invited to US to fulfill jobs. They were very grateful to become citizens as soon as possible. I have so many items from my mom's side which I shall treasure always. She lived to be 101. She was a cook and loved to bake. I inherited her Club Aluminum, and many other items since she lived with us for 25 years after dad died. What a challenge to live in the early 1900s, and how blessed young people are today.